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About the App:

Inception: Mobile Architect allows you to bend reality in the palm of your hand! After taking a photo of your environment, Google Satellite imagery will be folded into the photo, mimicking the effect from the film. The satellite imagery will allow the application to be useable in any outdoor setting with a skyline.

Mobile Architect
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Available for iPhone and Android only
  • Image Generation - The ‘folded’ image is a Google satellite view generated based on the user’s GPS and compass, showing the map of the area that they are facing.
  • Movie Effect - Triggered by the user’s touch, the map image will be animated into place while the iconic dirge sound from the film plays.
  • Sharing - Users will be able to share the app via posting to Facebook or email.
  • Photo Gallery - Users will be able to save the generated images to their photo gallery.
  • Help - A help screen will show users how to properly set up their shot to get the best results.
Inception the App